miércoles, 4 de agosto de 2010

Buttered cat tongues...

I haven't had much time to touch the kitchen recently, buuuuuuut as I am starting to get fonder of this dessert blog I would like to pass you a very old recipe.

Butter could be considered the king of the french plates. Without butter three hundred and forty five (and maaaany more...) recipes I know wouldn't be so heaven tasty if it wasn't for the magic ingredient... butter.
If you want something to be more thick, add butter. If you want something to be more cremier, just add butter. If you want something to be more greasy, sticky, smooth or even just to put that last salty touch, just add butter!

So as butter is such a special ingredient in any kind of recipe I decided to give , 'cause it's special to me :)
So here goes. Llengues de gat ( Although the translation may sound awful "Cat tongues" it does not have anything to do with the poor animal!) is a very traditional buiscuit. The type your grandmother used to give you everytime you went to visit her, know what I mean?

This buiscuit brings so many memories... it brings back the soapy odor, the summer eavning sun that peeked through the courtains, the slight purring of the dishwasher.... Small details that, without knowing why, remain in someones memory.

The ingredients for this magical (and surprisingly easy cooking) cookie are:

100g of white sugar
100g of flour
100g of butter (yummy... lots of butter!!)
2 eggs


Preheat the oven 180ºc.
First of all, you must crack the egg open and separate the yolk from the white of the egg .
After throwing away the yolk (you don't have to throw it!! you can also cook it), beet up the white of the egg, until it becomes foam (like snow!).
Add the sugar and the flour to the egg foam.
Melt the butter in the microwave and add it to the mixture.
Grease the oven tray with butter and then sprinkle some flour on it, so the cookies won't stick to the base.
Put tiny blobs of cookie mixture on the greaseed tray and let them bake for ten minutes (aproximately).
and... voilà, yummy grandma's cookies!

I hope I helped you, once again, in the kitchen. I may not be a five michelin star cook, but I do know my way to the oven! And cooking is just a nice way to escape into my cookie dough scented bubble :)

Yours sincerely, Dessert Disaster.